20 of the Craziest Proofreading Fails – How Did They Miss These?!

Even though the importance of spelling and grammar are really highlighted in school, people always make mistakes. That’s where a good proofreader comes in. Or at the very least, someone glancing over and taking a quick second to make sure there aren’t any glaring mistakes that find their way to print. In honor of National Proofreading Day, here are some of the worst proofreading fails that must’ve cost a few jobs! Most of these aren’t permanent like a tattoo, but with the internet, the pain could forever be remembered.

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Spelling, grammar, and style were all imparted on us in our many years trapped inside the dreaded classrooms around the world. For some of us, English class was an adventure, with the literary classics and endless flows of ink taking us to new worlds and new heights. For others, we dreaded the hour and 15 minutes that we had to waste with our heads buried in the insurmountable walls of texts, spending hours trying to wring any little semblance of meaning, theme, or plot from those wretched pages and onto those despised sheets of ruled paper. Got a headache from reading that? We promise that the rest of this article will be a much lighter read! Here are some of the worst proofreading fails that ever made it to print!