Rompers for Men! This is a Joke Right?

Every year a new fashion trend emerges that makes people scratch their heads in wonder. This year designers thought it was a great idea to create rompers for men. No, you didn’t misread what we wrote. We did say rompers. Definitely a “what were they thinking” moment.

For those of you that aren’t quite sure what a romper is, let us refresh your memory. It’s those cute little one-piece outfits you dress your toddlers in. Chances are, you probably wore one yourself when you were a wee tyke. On children, they can be downright adorable. There’s nothing like chubby little baby legs peeking out from a pair of short pants.

On grown men, well that’s another story completely.

Rompers For Men???

No one wants to see hairy legs sticking out from a brightly colored pair of shorts. Especially if it’s a one-piece jumper. Apparently, no one even considered how impractical a romper is when you have to go to the bathroom. When you’re a kid, someone just has to undo the snaps between the legs to change your diaper, an adult has to unbutton and take off the whole thing just to pee.

Better hope the fire alarm doesn’t go off mid-stream. You’ll be scrambling to cover up and get down the stairs at the same time. Imagine the looks on your neighbors’ faces when you burst out of the fire exit door bare-chested with your onesie, oops… we mean romper… flapping around your waist.

At least everyone will have something to laugh at (you) while the fire department checks your building.

Hey, we’re all for keeping up with current fashions. But some things should be left in the stores. Grown men should not be wearing rompers. It’s just too weird.

But if you’re daring enough to try something new, go for it. We’ll try to contain our laughter.