Slack Temporarily Broke, But Introverted Workers Made It Hilarious

Slack outage

The first week of January, remote teams all around the world suffered when Slack had a temporary outage. In case you don’t know, Slack is an online service that lets coworkers and teams collaborate. I’ve used it before to discuss topics for stories with magazine editors. If you’re an introvert, you really appreciate Slack. It kind of cuts out the whole phone conversation piece that introverts despise.

What Did Introverts Do When Slack Broke?

Slack outage made introverts go crazy
Source: Nguyen Hung Vu licensed under CC BY 2.0

As you can imagine, some people wanted to hide in a shell when their beloved Slack suffered its outage. But, the result was pretty hilarious. Especially if you’re an introvert, too, and can appreciate where they’re coming from. After all, no Slack means that these people probably had to hop on a phone or Skype call instead. Oh, the horror! By the way, I’m not making fun because I’d be right along there with them.

Slack Users Took to Twitter to Share Their Frustrations

Twitter is one of the best places to look when something goes wrong. You’ll always find a funny hashtag that will at least make a tragedy somewhat entertaining. That’s exactly what happened during the Slack outage. Introverted Slack users made their pain known to others through hilarious tweets:

Perhaps the funniest ode to the introverts:

It’s as if people literally didn’t know what to do with themselves during the outage:

Of course, tech companies who rely on everything digital really had a tough time without their beloved slack:

And then there are people like this. Some people obviously just wanted to Slack off with no Slack around:

And, let’s not forget about the extroverts who crave some interaction, even in digital form. For remote workers who had no one around to talk to without Slack, they had to find a friend: