A Storm Is Coming to the South! Get To The Store Quick!

Snow Storm in the South!

Now that winter is upon us, a snow storm is not an unusual occurrence. When the local news announces snow is on the way, northerners know exactly what to expect and how to prepare. However, in the south, the same notification sends southerners into panic mode. How should Southerners prepare for a winter storm?

And by panic, we mean complete and utter chaos. They immediately rush to the grocery store and buy everything they can get their hands on.

Oh no! Snow! Source: Cup of Tea.
Oh no! Snow!
Source: Cup of Tea.

After years of living in the south, shouldn’t they know what to expect by now? Apparently not. Every year the same thing happens. You head to the store to get a loaf of bread, and the shelves are empty. Need some bottled water? Too bad, there isn’t any. Want to be able to blow your nose or wipe your butt? You should’ve gotten to the store earlier because your neighbors bought the store out. Now you’re stuck in the store with nothing to buy but some flip-flops and about 40 gallons of sunscreen.

How Southerners Can Survive a Winter Storm

Get to the store! It's gonna snow! Source: Pinterest.
Get to the store! There’s gonna be a storm!
Source: Pinterest.

Listen up southerners, you don’t need 80 rolls of toilet paper to prepare for a light dusting of snow. You don’t need to clear the store shelves because you think your family will be snowed in. Chances are, you won’t be. That 1/4″ of snow that fell will be gone before noon and you’ll be stuck with enough supplies to last until next winter. This isn’t the north, where snow will continue falling for weeks, sending you into an endless “snowmageddon”. It’ll be gone before you know it.

summer tires club
Source: Imgur

So your best bet is to get a few things to have on hand and leave some supplies for your neighbors. And stay off the roads. Please. We get tired of seeing you standing next to the ditch your car just slid into with a puzzled look on your face. You know exactly what happened. Your driving skills aren’t up to the challenge of slick, icy roads.  In the north, unprepared drivers are known to be part of a group called the “summer tires club”. Try to avoid driving if possible, and the biggest tip is to be prepared. Snow tires, a shovel, and some salt are great ways to help, but being experienced in the snow takes practice, so don’t fly around with winter tires and think you’re the next Richard Petty. Don’t get caught out in the snow. Especially with a car full of coveted groceries.

Instead, stay home, drink your bottled water and eat your bread. Goodness knows you’ve got plenty of it.