Here Be Some Pointers for Talk Like a Pirate Day …Arrr!

Source: Pixabay

September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Possibly the most important holiday in the history of the world.

The holiday came about when two guys started talking pirate while playing racquetball. That gave them the idea to create an international holiday where everyone just engages in pirate slang all day. After celebrating the holiday by themselves for several years, they decided to get Dave Barry on board, and the rest is history.

So how can you celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day?

Actually it’s a pretty self-explanatory holiday. You just… talk like a pirate. Use the hashtag #TalkLikeAPirate on social media, and if you tweet in a pirate voice all day, bonus loot for you.

If you’re still fairly new to pirate-talk and haven’t yet learned all those technical pirate terms, you’re safe just throwing in “Arrr!” and “Me hearties” every few words. You may also want to use “Ahoy” to greet your friends, fellow crew-members, or mortal enemies.

If you’re feeling slightly more ambitious, you can throw in some piratical expressions. “Shiver me timbers!” for example, is used to express surprise or shock. “Avast ye!” means something like, “Hey you! Pay attention!” “Booty” or “loot” refer to treasure (a piratical obsession). And “Blow the man down!” means basically, “Kill that guy now!” We’re not sure you’ll have to use that one on Talk Like a Pirate Day… but you never know.

If you really want to impress your friends on Talk Like a Pirate Day (or just freak them out with your extreme nerdiness), you can go one level deeper with some technical pirate terms like “poop deck” and “powder monkey.” Incorporating these into your conversation will be a little trickier. Call your non sea-going friends “landlubbers.” And when preparing to use the restroom, tell everyone you’re going to the “head” (term for the toilet on a ship). When you need an insult, use “son of a biscuit eater” or “scallywag.”

Then again, if you’ve got your sea legs and are looking to truly impress on Talk Like a Pirate Day, the official website has tips for talking like a generic pirate, talking like a German pirate, and talking like a Dutch pirate.

Avast! Now get out there and talk like a pirate, ye landlubber! Arrrh!