Thanksgiving Dinner Pants: Get Ready to Pig Out!

Thanksgiving Pants
Source: Flickr

Thanksgiving is about a week away and everybody has got a gimmick. So without further delay, we would like to introduce you to Stove Top Stuffing’s “Dinner Pants.” These are ideal for anyone that plans to spend the day with family gorging themselves on as much food as possible without the worry of becoming uncomfortable.

Yes, they are real.

The unisex pants have an elastic waistband that expands with your mid-section. Picture this. You are enjoying a delicious dinner with your family when Aunt Mary asks if anyone wants seconds. All of your cousins are too worried about their wardrobe and their waistlines to fill their plates up another time. Not you. Your comfy, expandable pants allow you to continue to partake in delightful goodies.

Dinner pants are made with burgundy fabric with a stylish “stuffing” accented waist. The extra-large pockets are also lined with the stuffing fabric and hold plenty of leftovers. They are selling for $19.98 a pair and the website,  is limiting customers to one pair of pants per customer.

Now you no longer have to worry about what to wear to dinner with the family. These dinner pants are sure to make you the center of attention while you stuff yourself silly. And the beauty of it is that you don’t have to worry about overeating and taking someone’s eye out when your button propels off your slacks and goes airborne.

Cousin Ned’s “gobbling necktie” will definitely take a backseat to your “britches built for gluttony.” Once you step into the house with these “jazzy jodhpurs,” you’ll be the envy of the family or the laughing stock, depending on your clan.

Get your Stove Top Thanksgiving “Dinner Pants” while supplies still last. Or before you lose your nerve. Whichever comes first. We’ll let you decide for yourself.