In Defence of Trump Playing Golf

President Trump made headlines this week with another visit to the golf course.

The president allegedly spent Sunday at the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, provoking an uproar from reporters and journalists – not to mention enraged Twitter users. One source estimates that Trump has gone golfing about once every 5.5 days since he’s been in office.

Some people are finding it hard to take, especially since Trump berated Obama for spending so much time on the golf course during his presidency. With a divided country on his hands, a failed health care bill, and a turbulent international scene, Trump’s critics ask, why is our president spending so much of his precious time in office out playing golf?

Give the president a break

Trump playing golf
Source: Flickr

First of all, everyone needs to just cut the guy a break. He has the toughest job in the country, and if he’s not entitled to take off one day a week to go hang out with his billionaire friends and score some holes, who is? Also, people need to remember that President Trump only promised to “make America great again”; he never promised not to play golf. And hey, maybe in his mind, bringing this classic sport back is the way to truly make America great again. He was pretty vague on the specifics, if you remember.

As another line of defense, let’s just point out that President Trump hasn’t officially told us he was golfing on Sunday. All we know is that he was there, but obviously, we can’t assume just because he was on the course that he was in fact playing. For all we know, he could have been using his golf club to hammer out a new health care bill, or bringing Israel and Palestine together over a leisurely game. It’s a new approach, to be sure, but then Trump is a new kind of president, isn’t he?

Doing whatever it takes

Fox News apparently reported that Trump spent the weekend working hard at the White House, while Twitter told a different story. Photos surfaced on social media of the president riding a golf cart, wearing a golf glove, and just generally hanging out on the golf course.

But there’s no reason these two stories can’t co-exist. What we are seeing here is a radical new approach to the job of POTUS. President Trump told us he would go to great lengths to fix American government, and if that involves golfing, who are we to judge?

So give the guy a break: let him play golf.