He’s Too Ugly! Grandmother Tried to Return Baby

All babies are adorable. Right? Not according to a grandmother in Santa Marta, Colombia. Apparently, this not-so-nice granny tried to return her grandson to the clinic he was born this past January because get this, he was “too ugly” to be part of her family. Yes, you read that correctly. She doesn’t sound like the typical loving grandmother does she?

Just imagine the looks on the faces of the nursing staff when an angry little old lady stormed into the clinic and demanded the baby be swapped for the correct infant. She even had the child’s mother with her. Granny was ticked when she was told her grandson was the only boy born that night and he definitely was hers.

Hopefully, the baby won’t be able to locate this article when he’s old enough to read. No one wants to find out their granny thought they were ugly as a kid. Grandmas are supposed to be loving and sweet. Aren’t they?¬†Poor little fella. He’ll most likely grow up to be extremely handsome.

And granny will have to eat her words.

St Marta Colombia
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The staff examined the little tyke and found him to be in good health, so they sent him home. Granny, on the other hand, is undergoing psychological treatment. You think?

It kind of makes you wonder what she looked like. Beauty is subjective, after all. Perhaps she’s the ugly one. In terms of families, we should all love our children, no matter what they look like when they come out of the womb.

So remember, we are all God’s creations and looks don’t matter that much. Some of the most beautiful people in the world have horrible personalities. Not to mention, most babies are wrinkled and bald when they emerge into the world.

Just learn how to love them just the way they are.