The Tragic Story of Jodie Sweetin’s Meth Addiction

Jodie Sweetin made headlines as the famous actress unveiled shocking new, heartbreaking details about her past as a meth addict. “Life should not be compared to a Full House episode” wrote Sweetin, who played the ever-plucky Stephanie Tanner, in her book “memoir unSweetined”.

Jodie Sweetin’s Meth AddictionJodie Sweetin's book "memoir unSweetined"

In the interview, Jodie Sweetin revealed she grew up “too fast” as a result of the phenomenal success of “Full House”. When the network decided to put an end to the show in 1995, Jodie was devastated after losing all the public attention, and chose to escape her problems by using large quantities of meth.

In her 2009 autobiography, Jodie Sweetin also confessed she had a serious alcohol problem from a young age. “The first time I was drunk I probably drank a bottle of wine, I was just 14 years old”. This experience gave her a false feeling of confidence she had been longing for, she said.

Sweetin as the ever-plucky Stephanie Tanner,

Eventually, Jodie Sweetin’s meth addiction was revealed as she was reportedly caught sniffing meth in Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s bathroom stall. Jodie Sweetin wrote that at this stage, she was regularly spending more than $10,000 a week on drug consumption. She spent her entire salary earned on the Full House series on her drug addiction. Indeed, success can harmful.

According to a report made by Complex Magazine in 2007, she gave a speech on sobriety, while she was “high on meth and cocaine”. “I was living a life of deceit. People find it hard to believe I was doing drugs. I looked at photos from that event, and I never looked strung out!”, Sweetin confessed.

She admitted to driving completely drunk while her baby was sitting near her in the car.