The Joker’s Wild Returns to Television with Unexpected Host

Snoop Dogg the new host of the Joker's Wild
Source: Twitter

The Joker’s Wild is returning to television with a brand new look and a brand new host. Snoop Dogg rides again. He will be hosting the iconic 1970s and 1980s game show with new games and a comedic edge. This dude has got his hand in a little of everything and fans are loving every minute of it.

The game show will be set in Snoop’s casino complete with a big slot machine, and mini-games taking the place of trivia questions. There will even be huge dice, playing cards, problem-solving, and of course, streetwise questions. It is the Doggfather’s take on the show after all.

The rapper turned television host says The Joker’s Wild was his favorite show when he was growing up so it will be interesting to see his spin on the game show. Since Snoop Dogg is hosting it, should the name be changed to The Smoker’s Wild? We shall soon see.

snoop dogg smoke weed jokers wild

The revamped edition of the game show has the rapper executive producing it along with Michael Strahan, Constance Schwartz-Morini, Ted Chung and Vincent Rubino. He has come a long way from his Gin and Juice days. Lately, it seems like everything the Doggfather touches turns into gold. He also hosts a show with his pal Martha Stewart.

The Joker’s Wild premieres Tuesday, October 24, 2017, on TBS. Fans are eager and ready to see what the new show will be like. Everyone knows Snoop Dogg has a great sense of humor. Hopefully, he has the ability to keep the audience interested for 30 minutes. But judging from his appearances on other shows, we don’t think he will have a problem.

The new format featuring a combination of hip-hop, culture, and comedy is sure to be the next big hit on the rapper’s to-do list. Make sure to tune in to see how he does.