Kardashian Selfie Secrets To Up Your Selfie Game

Kim Kardashian is known for her selfies. Her ability to contour those cheekbones, illuminate her face perfectly and use the perfect angles, it all makes everything look amazing. Is this witchcraft? Here are some Kardashian selfie secrets you have been dying to know.

Kardashian Selfie Secrets

1. Lighting, Lighting, Lighting.

Nothing is going to impact your picture more than the light you use to take it. Kim is a big fan of selfie-specific lighting cases like TruLight Selfie Ring. It brightens up and highlights the perfect makeup. It helps to wash away any imperfections. It helps you with your angles, casting the most attractive shadows that will add in contour to your face.

It also makes sure that when you take a selfie with a friend, you both are going to be in the best light. It will also make sure that when you do want to use a filter, everything is clear and bright and perfect.

It is the most important secret of all the Kardashian selfie secrets.


Do not be embarrassed of taking a perfect selfie.

Kim never stops taking selfies, so much so she got a book deal to publish her selfies as a collected work. If you want to get the picture that will get 100 likes per hour, you may need a few tries. Persistence is the key to the perfect picture.

Angles are key.

Kim’s main tip? Chin down, camera up. This was known back in the days of MySpace, with all the Emo kids holding the camera up at high dramatic angles, but now it’s a bit more subtle and a lot more flattering. By tilting your chin ever so slightly down you enhance your face shape by making it appear that your face may be more angular than it is. This is also good for those of us prone to double chins. If the camera is up, the chins are hidden.

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Contouring is a Kardashian’s best friend.

They are very open about their love of makeup, and even have begun selling their own brands. Highlighters, bronzers, self tanners, and perfect lips are all on Kim’s list for a perfect photograph whether selfie or not.

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Co-stars make for amazing selfies.

Is it still called a selfie if there are two of you? Either way, if you have someone who will endure your endless re-shoots making sure the both of you look perfect, let them join in! Kim often takes selfies with her family members and children, sharing the spotlight of her internet fame.

Editing is nothing to shy away from.

No one is perfect, not even the Kardashians! They use cropping and editing apps to clean up any unwanted background problems or blemishes. If you makeup didn’t end up as you wanted, use a filter, black and white or even add some more digitally. No shame, a lot of people do it!

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