Chucky from Child’s Play was Based on Real Cursed Doll

chucky doll based off robert original haunted doll

Remember Chucky, from Child’s Play? Well, apparently the creepy little guy was not the first doll to terrorize people. He was actually based on a real-life possessed doll from the early 1900s. Robert was given to a little boy named Robert Eugene Otto in 1906 by his family’s Bahamian servants. It seems that the boy’s parents were horrible to one of the servants and she decided to seek revenge.

The 3-foot doll was dressed in a sailor suit and came complete with a voodoo curse. Robert was known to mutilate toys and turn over furniture. The boy’s parents even claimed to see him moving and could often hear him giggling. Eventually, the family left him in the attic and the antics stopped. He was found in the 1970s by a young girl who soon began to claim the doll was trying to kill her.

Sound familiar? It looks like the idea from Chucky came from reality. The only difference is Chucky would have definitely put Robert to shame. He did a lot more than turn over furniture and laugh and giggle. This little dude was a serial murderer that sent many people screaming and running for their lives.

Robert is now in the Key West Museum in Florida where he hates having his picture taken without permission. Many visitors claim their cameras just stop working when they aim to snap a photo of the possessed toy. To keep him from continuing to taunt them, visitors write apology letters to Robert which decorate the walls in the section of the museum he is kept in.


Chucky is make-believe and when his antics get to be too much, you can simply turn off the television. But what would you do if you had Robert sleeping in the room with one of your kids?

Makes you think. Doesn’t it?