Detroit Hit Theaters: A Dramatic Look at the 1967 Riots

Detroit, 1967 was a scene of civil unrest and rioting. The movie, which debuted this week, gives audiences an up close and personal view of what jump started the riots and what it was like during that time. Its release marks the 50th anniversary of the events.

A police raid of unlicensed, after-hours bar erupted into violence on the streets as patrons and police fought. In the end, three black men were killed, and nine people (7 black men and 2 white women) were severely beaten. The riots erupted into 5 days of violence and property destruction for the city of Detroit. The Michigan National Guard was sent in by the Governor and President Johnson sent in the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions.

The movie is receiving great reviews for showing multiple storylines and real character depictions. The movie allows you to see and feel what it was like to be present during the riots. The anger, the violence, the fear, you can witness it all on the big screen.

Although the subject matter is harsh, it gives the audience a glimpse into the history of one of the most violent riots Detroit has ever seen. Even though the riots were seen on television and in newspapers, viewers only learned what was on television or what they read, there was no way to understand what was really behind the riots.

The movie gives us a chance to look at the people behind the history. There was a reason for the violence. A reason for the riot. Often all when we hear and read about history we only hear about the outcome, or how the story ended. Detroit gives the audience a reason for the chaos and confusion that erupted into the streets as violence and death.

It is a worthwhile watch for any history buff.