Everyone’s Going Nuts for the Friends Movie… Except, It’s Fake

Friends reunion anyone? Unfortunately, this Friends movie trailer is fake.
Source: William Warby via Flickr Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

Friends lovers everywhere, rejoice! There’s a new Friends movie coming out and it’s taking the world by storm! Or…is it? If you don’t really pay attention to what’s real and fake on the internet, or you think that a viral Facebook video is the Holy Grail, then sure, it’s real. If your feet are plastered on the ground and you know that rumors of a Friends reunion have been circling for years, then you know that it’s fake.

But…I Need More Friends In My Life

I know, I know. We all do. Personally, a Friends movie would thrill me to pieces. I can never get enough of reruns of Monica’s OCD, Ross’s dinosaur expertise, and Phoebe’s eccentricity. Unfortunately, the video below is a big pile of debunked news.

This video by Smasher has been making the rounds – and Friends fans everywhere go nuts. Yes, including me for a brief moment until I realized quickly what was going on:

Credit: Smasher

The trailer, if you paid attention, is actually a mash-up of the cast’s other movies. If you’ve never seen any of them, I can see why the trailer would look legit. But, since reunion rumors started circling years ago, Courtney Cox has been pretty adamant about a big reunion not happening. So, it wouldn’t really make sense for her now to be doing a movie with them. Although, this is Hollywood, and you can’t always take everyone at their word.

Still, though, the “trailer” is very clearly an edited version of different scenes the actors have been in on other projects, like Cougar Town and Web Therapy. The trailer actually first appeared a few years ago, but apparently not as many people saw it then as they are now. I’ve seen it show up in my news feed on Facebook at least ten times this past week, shared by Friends fans screaming for joy at the upcoming release. They even tag their friends to go see the movie with them.

Please stop sharing this video. I hate to be the one to burst my friends’ bubbles when it circles around yet again. And, it makes me die a little inside every time I have to remind myself it’s not real.