Which Fictional Characters Would Be Best to Take on North Korea?

Well, the game’s up: North Korea has got nuclear missiles, and Kim Jong-un is not afraid to use them. Grab your snuggie and go hide under your bed. The nuclear apocalypse is upon us at last.

Except not. Because this has already happened about seventy times. And honestly, why would North Korea want to nuke us? Then they’d have no one left to threaten with their nuclear weapons, and all the fun would be at an end.

But assuming they do actually plan on nuking us, I submit the following defense strategies:

The X-Men

xmen missile crisis
Source: X-Men Wiki

Remember how they handled the Cuban Missile Crisis? Classic.

Why call in the X-Men and not the Avengers? For one thing, I don’t trust the Hulk around a nuclear missile. For another thing, I don’t trust Tony Stark around a nuclear missile.

Then again, Cap could probably take down the missile single-handedly, so maybe we should just call him in when North Korea launches the nuke. It would be cheaper and a lot less hassle than employing the X-Men. And if the X-Men bring Wolverine, we could have a whole new problem on our hands. That guy never does what he’s supposed to do.