Perfect Enunciation Doesn’t Always Pay Off

Coolio Jeopardy

In school, we are always taught to take our time and pronounce our words correctly. Well, a Jeopardy contestant recently lost a bundle of money by using correct enunciation. There’s nothing like getting penalized for doing what you learned in school. A dude named Nick learned that the hard way.

He was whipping off those questions for the answers Alex Trebek was giving and had a total of $12,000 when he made a mistake. At first, his answer was counted as correct but then Trebek made a retraction and $3,000 was deducted from his total. Talk about a big-time bummer.

So what was the answer that tripped him up? The category was Music and Literature Before and After.  The answer was a song by Coolio from the Dangerous Minds movie soundtrack combined with a 1667 John Milton classic. Nick gave the response “What is Gangster’s Paradise Lost?”

Hooray for Nick! Right? Wrong. His eloquent enunciation was not quite the answer they were looking for. If he had only said “gangsta’s” instead of “gangster’s”. Oh, the inhumanity. Dang, Nick! You should have kept it, gangsta. Haha. You see what we did there? Take a look at the clip and you will see the look of horror and disbelief on Nick’s face.

If we’re not mistaken, we think we even see him roll his eyes a little when Trebek explains why he just lost money. It was obvious this guy in his shirt and tie was a tad miffed. We can only imagine what he was thinking in his head. We can also only imagine what he wanted to say when he got the news.

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to use proper grammar and enunciation. After all, Nick is probably still kicking himself in the butt right now. We bet the title and correct pronunciation will be forever burned in his memory.