Martha Stewart “Never Have I Ever” Answers Will Knock You Out!

Ellen DeGeneres and her show are well-known across the globe to be one of the best talk shows with high profile and interesting guests to spice things up. And when it was Martha Stewart, Anna Kendrick, and Snoop Dogg turn to spice things up on the show, they did a great job.

Anna Kendrick promoted her memoir ‘Scrappy Little Nobody’ on the show while Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg were there to talk about their new show, ‘Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party’. The trio had great fun on the show and made the show fun for everyone else as well.

The highlight of the show was the Never Have I Ever game. This game is known to surprise the players a little with some truths being told and new discoveries being made. In this show and in this game, it was Martha Stewart who surprised everyone on the set and the audience at home with her answers. The sport that she is, Martha was as delightful as ever.

Ellen read out seven statements before the bell rung and each of the questions revealed some fun secrets about the three celebrities. The first Never Have I Ever was Never have I ever sexted. While Snoop answered with an I Have and Anna answered with an I Have Not, Martha surprised everyone including Ellen with an I Have.

The answer garnered a delightful laughter from Anna while the set boomed with laughter at her answer and to the question of ‘Do you know what that is?’ by Ellen, Martha responded with ‘I have been using technology for a lot longer than you Ellen’.

Martha, being a homely figure for all these while proved otherwise yet again with the fifth Never have I ever statement. It was “Never have I ever been to a nude beach”. Martha and Snoop once again answered with I Have. Ellen and Anna’s response to Martha’s I Have was met with a bewildered look from Martha indicating that it is no big deal. Way to go, Martha!

Listed below are the other five statements from the game and who said what.