7 of the Best Beatles Covers by Today’s Popular Artists

beatles covers best ever
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The┬áBeatles wrote some of the best music ever. Period. Maybe that’s why so many other artists have felt the need to cover Beatles songs. The truth is, though, a lot of Beatles covers are just really bad. Or just plain boring.

But every now and then, there comes a Beatles cover that seems truly inspired. Whether or not you’re a fan of the Fab Four, these are some tracks you need in your life:

The Black Keys: “She Said She Said”

The American rock band duo (Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney) turns out a pretty satisfying, muddy-sounding Beatles cover with this slightly lesser known track from the Four.

Fiona Apple: “Across the Universe”

An indie Beatles cover can either soar or flop. But luckily, indie artist Fiona Apple is great at interpreting the Beatles lyrics in her own signature style. As a result, her cover of “Across the Universe” is a definite success.

Ed Sheeran: “In My Life”

This was a cover the pop singer performed live for a Beatles tribute concert in 2015. Sheeran doesn’t try to do anything crazy with the Beatles’ hit; he just sings it in his simple, jazzy style to minimal guitar accompaniment. His efforts strip the song down to its emotional core, making for a nice listen.