7 of the Best Beatles Covers by Today’s Popular Artists

Florence and the Machine: “Oh Darling”

Florence and the Machine could basically play anything and it would be incredible. But Florence Welch’s commanding vocal performance on this classic Beatles hit is especially worth a listen (or two or three).

The Head and the Heart: “Octopus’s Garden”

Played at a tribute concert to Ringo Starr, this cover catches all the musical magic of the original without sounding stale.

Sara Bareilles: “Oh Darling”

Another cover of “Oh Darling?” Yes, but it’s worth including twice. Sarah Bareilles’ sensitive and competent performance on this Beatles cover perfectly hits the spot.

Imagine Dragons: “Revolution”

If this is the only Beatles cover you ever listen to, you’re doing all right. Bringing their unique, fresh, and exciting sound to the popular Beatles protest song, Imagine Dragons might just win the Beatles cover game. Not that it’s a competition….

Got your own favorite Beatles cover? Let us know!