Calvin Harris’s New Song is NOT About Taylor Swift, It’s About SAFEWAY!

Taylor Swift is known for her highly publicized breakups. Over 10 songs have been made about her former exes, and many of them have even become popular on the radio. So when she broke up with Calvin Harris in June 2016, many predicted a breakup song from the Pop Princess. However, it never happened. Instead, the man on the other side of the split was the one to write a song. But Calvin Harris’s new song is not about the Taylor Swift breakup, according to insiders.

The Breakup

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift Calvin Harris's new song

From what we know, the breakup was a clean one. There was no big fight. And there was no cheating. Insiders said that Harris was intimidated by Taylor’s amazing success. Nobody ever saw him attending award shows where Taylor was nominated. The couple itself had been going through tough times. They were battling through issues for months, and it just didn’t work out. But the most important thing to note was the the breakup was clean, and there were no hard feelings between the two.

Calvin Harris’s New Song

Again, nobody would’ve expected Calvin Harris to be the one writing away his frustrations into music. People anticipated the song would be about the breakup, especially because it was written about a broken relationship from a perspective of a homewrecking man. Could this have been a jab at Tom Hiddleston? Could even the first line be a dead giveaway?

Lowkey, you won’t tell none of your friends about me / you won’t tell them I occupy your dreams and your thoughts

All of these juicy rumors may suggest that it is, but in reality, it likely isn’t. Calvin Harris’s new song is not about Taylor, as much as the we (and the tabloids) would want. Instead, it’s apparently about Safeway. Yes, the grocery store. During an interview with Elvis Duran, Harris set the record straight.



Even a man like Calvin Harris has to start somewhere. And that “somewhere” was a grocery store in Scotland. Working at Safeway was not the most thrilling job, but it paid the bills for Harris. While trying to move to London to make music full time, he had to work at Safeway. But the thing that drove him to write a song was the fact that he was trapped in a prison-like environment. Safeway was holding him back from making music, and this angered him. Though the meanings in the song may not be in line with the scenario of being stuck in a grocery store, Harris claims to be “very vague with [his] messages”. Because of this, a new song was born.

Unfortunately, it’s gotten caught in the whole drama of the Taylor Swift – Calvin Harris breakup. But we can rest assured that Calvin Harris finally got this one off his chest. Expect some more anti-Safeway songs in the future.