Viral Star: Jon Sudano – The Drummer, Youtuber, and Die-Hard “Shrek” Fan

The next viral sensation is here. It’s not an advice animal, it’s not a middle aged Korean rapper, and it’s not another stupid cat video. It’s a 25 year old musician from New Jersey with a neckbeard. His name is Jon Sudano, and his vocal covers have rocketed him to internet fame.

Jon Sudano Vocal Covers Prove He’s An All-Star

Jon Sudano is a 25 year old musician from New Jersey. More than just a singer, he is the world’s favorite thicc boi, and a rock star. Don’t believe us? Check out some of his vocal covers.

Wait, those aren’t the lyrics to Wonderwall, are they? No they aren’t. Jon Sudano’s vocal covers take the notion of the cover to another level, giving expression and new life to tired-out songs, all with a stoic, expressionless style that has never been done. This is pure art at its best. A previously unexplored artform, his vocal range dances out of the speakers, but beyond the norm, placing other covers into the bargain-bin of the conformist, overplayed mainstream that is the world of Youtube covers.

Here’s another one of his breathtaking videos:

It’s another use of the world-renowned song “All-Star”, by Smash Mouth. Again, it shows the artistic genius that only Jon Sudano possesses.

Is this becoming some sort of a theme? Is Jon Sudano vocal cover an angelic rendition of Smash Mouth’s “All-Star”?

NOPE, it’s not. Everyone’s favourite thicc boi just turned his unique cover genre on its head, stunning the high-brow art critics with an immaculate rendition of Nickelback’s “Photograph”.

Some fans were happy with the change, but others were less than impressed.

Jon Sudano: An Instant Classic

Jon Sudano’s vocal covers have earned him over 300000 subscribers, 270000 Facebook followers, 9400 Instagram followers, and 5400 Twitter followers. The world is excited to see what he will come up with next.

He hopes to continue his success until he can eat his favourite food, Taco Bell, on top of his silver YouTube play button. He’s now eligible, so we hope to see a video of that soon.

Are Jon Sudano’s Vocal Covers Considered as Art?