Marilyn Manson Hit By Falling Stage Props

Sometimes the music business can be brutal. Just ask rock star, Marilyn Manson. The singer was hurt when props from his New York performance came down on him ending the concert early and sending him to the hospital. Fans were horrified when two guns used as background tumbled down on top of the musician while he performed his song, Sweet Dreams.

Marilyn Manson Fall
Source: Youtube

Apparently, the Hammerstein Ballroom show came to an abrupt end when Marilyn Manson climbed on top of the guns during his act. He lay on stage for about 15 minutes before being taken off stage by a stretcher. Footage of the incident circulated online showing Manson’s fall and the lights dimming before fans were escorted out of the venue.

The musician, who took his name from actress Marilyn Monroe and cult leader, Charles Manson claims his career has not been the same since the Columbine shootings in 1999. The shooters were fans of the musician. It could just be that his time has passed as it does for many musicians.

The singer suffered broken bones in his right leg leaving him with a plate and 10 screws in the bone and another screw through his ankle. He has a cast on his leg and is recovering at his home in Los Angeles. Marilyn Manson is definitely glad his injuries were not more severe, pointing out his skull could have been crushed.

Since his tour has been interrupted temporarily, he is eager to get back on stage when he recuperates from his injuries. New dates have been announced to make up for the missed dates and for any dates unable to be rescheduled, refunds will be given to ticketholders.

His next live performance is scheduled for November 5, 2017, in Devore, California and fans are wishing him a speedy recovery so he can get back to performing.