Deciding on the Music Playlist For Your Next Roadtrip

So, as you may have remembered from last week, I’m taking my city-slicker friends camping for the first time in their lives. It’s going to be a blast for sure. Even though there are plenty of great places to enjoy hikes through the luscious green forests and tranquil beaches in our city, our journey will take us a few hours out east. That’s where the real camping is. No filthy casuals. No summer camp kids. And unfortunately for them, no cell phone signal. But because it’s a quite a drive away (not including the distance to the various trails), it’s always fun to have your favorite songs playing as you cruise down the street in your ’64. But in a group of friends, how do you decide what music gets played? Here’s our take on how to decide on the music playlist for any roadtrip with your friends.

My Car, My Music

van road trip
Source: Pixabay

One of the worst, but easy-to-implement ways of deciding on a music playlist for your road trip is to let the person who’s driving get to choose. After all, it’s probably their car. If they’re going to be expending the effort to drive, paying for gas, or racking up those miles, it’s only fair… right? I have done this before, and the arguments and disagreements have made for a testy car ride. Apparently, Nickelback isn’t the most popular choice. The only good thing about this is that because it’s music that the driver enjoys, you may be less likely to get into a wreck. But don’t try using that excuse.