Surviving Beatles Reunite in Hollywood Studio

It was a memorable day for the tourists gathered outside Ringo Starr’s home on Sunday. On a tour of the former Beatles drummer’s house in Los Angeles, some lucky visitors got another Beatle into the bargain. When a blue Corvette pulled up in front of the house, the tour guide jokingly told the group, “Here’s Ringo now!”

It wasn’t Ringo.

It was Paul McCartney.

When the group of tourists saw McCartney pushing the buzzer, they allegedly “went wild.”

A Beatles Collaboration

Apparently, McCartney was there to play bass for Ringo’s new album, scheduled for release this year. Ringo tweeted a picture of himself with the fellow Beatle in his home studio, commenting, “Thanks for coming over and playing Great bass. I love you man peace and love,” followed by a line up of emoji.

The last time Starr and McCartney played together was in 2010 on Ringo’s album Y Not, of the same year. McCartney played bass on one song (unsurprisingly titled “Peace Dream”), and sang on another. According to Engineer Bruce Sugar, McCartney’s singing on the 2010 album was a spur of the moment decision. Starr had asked him to come and play bass on a few songs, but after hearing the second one, McCartney said he’d rather do vocals. He then came up with a new vocal part on the spot, and, according to Sugar, “It made the whole song… It was great.”

Peace and Love

Apparently there was a lot of peace and love going on in the studio on Sunday. A few minutes after his first tweet, Ringo posted a photo of the two Beatles with Joe Walsh, writing, “And look out Joe W came out to play. What a day I’m having. Peace and love.” Everyone wanted in on the action, including Bruce Sugar, who has engineered some of Ringo’s albums. He put a photo of himself with Starr and McCartney, all three making peace signs, on Facebook. “Magical day in the studio today with these two,” he posted.

Ringo’s newest album is slated for release sometime early this year, but as of yet, no specific date or album title has been announced. One can only assume, however, that the new album will contain plenty of “peace and love.”