New Year’s Resolutions: Does Anyone Still Make Them?

A new year has begun, and it’s time to do away with old habits and turn over a new leaf. Yes, we’re referring to New Year’s resolutions. Have you made any for 2017? We’re three days into the new year and it seems that some things we planned to leave behind are already fighting to make their presence known.

It’s hard to stay focused. But come on. Day three and you’re ready to give up.

New Year's resolutions. Another year to get it right. Source:
New Year’s resolutions. Another year to get it right.

There’s no need to panic. You can definitely get a do-over this early in the game. Don’t give up. But we do suggest you set realistic goals for the new year. It’s easier to reach a goal when it is attainable.

If you want to stop smoking, don’t quit cold turkey. Like with anything else, you need to ease into it. A better option would be to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke on a daily basis. This is a good practice especially if you have been smoking for years.  Not to mention the fact that people don’t want to be subjected to your emotional tirades as the nicotine leaves your body.

2017 New Year's resolutions on deck. Source: Yak Outlaws.
2017 New Year’s resolutions on deck.
Source: Yak Outlaws.

The same goes for losing weight. Set a realistic and reachable goal. Start by cutting your calorie intake and exercising in moderation. You should not enroll yourself in a high-impact workout class if you’ve never taken one before. Take baby steps. No one wants to be rushed to the hospital after pulling several muscles that haven’t been used in decades. Perhaps a nice, slow walk around the neighborhood would be a good way to start.

New Year’s resolutions do not have to be your downfall as you embark on a new, revamped you. Go easy on yourself. Ease your way into the improvements. Take time to celebrate your small victories and use them as fuel to keep you going. And most importantly, don’t deprive yourself.

Remember, you have 362 more days to get it right.