Punishment Bets – How to Bring Out the Best of Your Friends with “Friendly” Competition

Punishment bets

I’m still young. Throughout my college years, and even recently, I have been making bets with my friends on the most random topics. But if you’re not really one to risk your hard-earned money (dear manager, if you’re reading this, I need a raise), you can still have fun with bets. All you need to do is bet something other than money. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you our awesome (or terrible) idea: punishment bets.

I’m Not Really a Gambler

I went to a casino for the first time in my life about a month ago. Truth is, I’m not really a gambler. I took the “free $20” offer, won about $9 (if I had used my real money, I’d have lost $11), and left. If you knew me, you’d know I follow a lot of sports. Hockey, football, motor racing, baseball… the list goes on. You might even catch me watching darts or poker on a late night if I have nothing better to do. But one thing I will not do is bet on a sports team. Most of the teams I support (should I call it supporting or suffering?) are terrible. Take the Vancouver Canucks of the NHL, for example. They’re one of the laughing stocks of the league. And after finishing near rock bottom in the past two years, we’ve managed to lose the draft lottery and end up picking last both times. Would I dare put my money on a team that will most likely lose?

And God Said: Let There be Embarrassment!

Punishment bets - Fantasy Hockey loser
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My friends are the same. We’re not going to waste our money on a losing team. And we’re not going to let a money dispute ruin our friendship. But eating really spicy foods, having our nails painted, or saying something embarrassing to a total stranger are just fine. It’s really sadistic of us, honestly. But we’re a bunch of young guys. Maturity will come. Eventually. For us, punishment bets are here to stay. Honestly, having to do an embarrassing punishment is just as big a motivator as having money on the line. Same goes for doing a painful punishment like a slap bet.

Competition always brings out the best of everyone. And when you involve an embarrassing punishment, it gets even more fun. Imagine seeing a winner lift a trophy or have a medal put around their neck. Sounds boring. But letting everyone else experience someone getting a bucket of ice water dumped on them or trying to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon? Great fun for the entire family (well, not really)!

Examples of Punishment Bets

Here are some of the punishment bets that my friends and I have done in the past. Choose a punishment based on the severity level compared with the bet that will happen. Or just choose a ridiculous one for a game of rock-paper-scissors. It’s up to you, really.

  • Painting the loser’s nails using whatever absurd color combinations you can think of. The loser cannot remove the nail art until 24 hours later. We considered getting acrylics but that’d be a terrible waste of money.
  • Do the spicy noodle challenge. Works best for those who can’t eat spicy foods or if you want the victim to have an uncomfortable experience on the toilet the day after.
  • Haircut of choice – Less extreme than a tattoo, but embarrassing nonetheless. The winner chooses any haircut for the loser. Interesting to see how many Guy Fieri lookalikes we’re going to see after I release this article…
Lost a bet
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  • Having the loser pay for and hand-feed the winner for one meal. Hurts the ego and hurts the wallet.
  • Two words: Borat Mankini
  • The winner chooses the loser’s wardrobe of the day
  • In a crowded public place, the loser must announce something embarrassing suggested by the winner
  • Anything from shows like Impractical Jokers or Kenny vs. Spenny

These are just some ideas that we have tried. Have any more great ideas? Let us know!