Was Raymond Burr Gay? – The Perry Mason, Ironside, and Rear Window Actor Revealed!

If you were a fan of Rear Window, Perry Mason, or Ironside, you will know who Raymond Burr is. A talented actor out of New Westminster, Canada, Raymond Burr was well known for his appearances on TV and in movies. But as some people know, his life story was riddled with inconsistencies. Did his only son die? Did he really serve in the US Coast Guard? Was Raymond Burr gay? That was the real question. Many people may not have known that Burr may or may not have led a secret homosexual life. The celebrated actor died in 1993, but his legacy continues to live on. Here is the story of the life of Raymond Burr.

The Life of Raymond Burr

The Life of Raymond Burr
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Raymond Burr was born in 1917 in New Westminster, Canada. At the age of 6, his parents divorced, and he went with his mother to California and graduated from Berkeley High School. After spending some time traveling along with a theatre group, he moved to New York and began appearing in Broadway until his film career began in 1946. He generally appeared as a villain. His biggest role that he was most well-known for was for Rear Window in 1954.

Perry Mason
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Many people know Raymond Burr for his role in Perry Mason, which ran from 1957 to 1966. With performances in legal shows on his resume, the executive producer said to Burr that he was the perfect fit to play Perry Mason, except that he was too fat. Ever committed to his role, Burr dropped over 60 pounds and winded up with the starring role. For the next nine years, he would grace the screens in living rooms around the country, even winning two Emmy’s in 1959 and 1961.

After Perry Mason, Raymond Burr moved onto another famous show, Ironside. Here, he played a disabled police officer, and he ended the show in 1975 with an impressive six Emmy nominations and two nominations for Golden Globes. His impressive career gave him a net worth estimated at around $15 million.

Eventually, Burr would return to his bread and butter, and star in a successful line of 26 Perry Mason made-for-TV films. He actually signed a contract to make 12 more, but his health was in decline, and he passed away before he was able to complete them.

Was Raymond Burr Gay?