Influencer Spotlight: Roberto Portales

Roberto Portales is absolutely no stranger to the fitness and athletic lifestyle. Born and raised in sunny Tampa, he began playing sports at 4 years old and eventually focused on football and wrestling during his high school career. Fascinated with West Point and the history surrounding it ever since he was in fifth grade, Roberto carried out his dreams and graduated from there in 2011. He earned a commission as an officer in the United States Army, where he was surrounded by great people and was really able to form a strong bond. Just a year later in May 2012, he was deployed in Afghanistan, supporting Operation Enduring Freedom, where he served as the platoon leader for a multi-functional intelligence team. During this deployment, Roberto decided to get serious about fitness and underwent a complete body transformation. While training to become an Army Counterintelligence Special Agent, he began competing in men’s physique, as well as gaining the attention of fitness brands nationwide. In April 2016, Roberto transitioned out of the Army and currently works for HPE Enterprise Services as a Media and Entertainment Sales Executive. His number one passion is still fitness, as he continues his journey as a men’s physique competitor and model. Check out his page for workout tips, and of course to check him out! Read below for where you may be able to run into him this 4th of July!

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Who you see on Instagram is who I am in real life


How/when did you get into social media? When did you really see your channel take off?

I first got on social media back in high school, but I was very private and didn’t share much. I started posting on Instagram in 2014 and began sharing much more. On Christmas 2015, I reached 10K followers, and since then, my following has continued to grow and grow and every month.

How has your life changed since this newfound stardom? How do you keep up with it all?

I’ve been able to connect with so many new and interesting people that I never would have been able to without Instagram. One of my attributes is time management, so fortunately for me, it comes naturally.

What goes into creating a post?

Whenever I’m doing something that I feel people will be interested in, I take a picture and post it. I don’t worry about getting the perfect picture or making sure I have no visible flaws. Life’s not perfect and neither am I, so I’m happy just sharing interesting moments with people who want to follow me.


Roberto Portales


What do you love most about fitness?

I love constantly working to improve and get better every day. No matter how my day goes, I know a great workout will make me feel great.

What is your favorite place to travel to? Any upcoming trips?

I’m a huge beach person, so anywhere with sand, water, and sun is great for me. I’ll be in Laguna Beach for the first time for the 4th of July. I’m sure there will be plenty of great opportunities for some amazing pictures. (Trust us, we’re just as excited!)

What are your top five ab exercises since summer is rapidly approaching?

I’m a big fan of core stability workouts, but I don’t focus too much time on training my abs. Heavy squats, deadlifts, and similar compound movement build my midsection. Nutrition is key to ab definition.