How Plus Size Model Rosie Mercado Lost 200 Pounds

Rosie Mercado Weight Loss Secret

Whether you like it or not, our society seems to be predisposed to putting thin models on magazine covers and runways. For decades, many women felt that they could only be taken seriously in the media if they were a size 2. Nonetheless, with vocal plus size models gaining traction, it’s clear that the tide is changing. Now that Rosie Mercado lost 200 pounds, she’s turning her attention to the modeling industry. What is Rosie Mercado’s weight loss secret?

At her heaviest, Mercado weighed in at a dangerous 410 pounds. The mother of three admitted to PEOPLE that she had a “not-so-good relationship with food.” And though the beauty was scouted by modeling agencies, the conversation would abruptly end when it was time to move past the head shots and onto her measurements.

The model reached a turning point when several unfortunate events in her life ended up shaking her to her core. “My son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy; my marriage fell apart. Everything that could happen happened.”

She later went on to explain that these situations acted as catalysts for her weight loss. In the PEOPLE interview, she went on to reveal some of the physical limitations that she encountered due to her morbid obesity. “For me it was normal for me to have to think about fitting at a table or booth.”

Rosie Mercado working out with a trainer - Part of Rosie Mercado's Weight Loss secret

When the curvy stunner was told by airline staff during a trip that she would have to buy two seats instead of one, it became her last straw. She just had to lose the weight.

How Rosie Mercado Lost 200 Pounds