What is Robert Urich Net Worth?

A 30-year veteran of film, television, and stage, Robert Urich was best known for his roles as Officer Jim Street in S.W.A.T and Dan Tanna in Vega$. Let’s learn more about the Robert Urich’s long television career, more about his family, and Robert Urich net worth!

Robert Urich’s Early Life

Robert Urich was born in Toronto, Ohio (no, not in Canada) in 1946. He was a star athlete in his early days, resulting in tremendous high school success in sports, as well as a football scholarship to Florida State University. Here, he earned a degree in radio and television communication. Later on, he moved on to Michigan State University to earn a master’s in broadcast research and management, which would set him up for his future career. After some odd jobs, he moved into stage acting and met up with Burt Reynolds. Luckily for him (and his fans), Burt Reynolds was the driving force that led to Urich succeeding on television. The Deliverance star was the reason that Robert Urich moved to LA and furthered his career.


Robert Urich in Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
Source: Wikimedia Commons

In 1972, Robert Urich made his small-screen debut in The F.B.I. Though this was just a small role, he went on to be a lead in Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. However, this show was a ratings failure and only lasted six episodes. However, that wouldn’t be enough to stop the hungry young actor.

His big break came in 1975. And again, he owes Burt Reynolds big time. Reynolds convinced the executive producer of S.W.A.T to allow Urich to try out for a role. Ratings for S.W.A.T were off the charts compared to Urich’s previous gigs, and he was cast again in the second season. After it ended, he moved on to Soap, which again started strong but ran into ratings troubles and cancellation. It seemed as if Urich would never be able to buy stable success.

But big-time success came his way when he won the role for Vega$, playing Dan Tanna. Playing Dan Tanna won him two Golden Globes nominations, but again, the show was canceled in 3 years. This happened again with his next TV gig in Spenser: For Hire. He may have been best-liked for his role as Jake Spoon in Lonesome Dove.

After a long career in television, he was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma. The rare cancer derailed his career, costing him his role in The Lazarus Man. After fighting cancer for six years, he passed away in 2002.

Robert Urich Net Worth