Tony Bennett the Painter? Who Knew?

Tony Bennett is known all over the world as a legendary jazz singer. But the guy with the “golden voice” is also an accomplished painter. Who knew? Many of his fans may not be aware of the fact that he has been creating fantastic art in his spare time. It is a talent he has cultivated and worked on since he was a young boy growing up in Astoria. As he grew up, Bennett actually trained with some of the masters.

It doesn’t matter if he is on the road, or at home in New York, he always makes time to work on his artwork. His portfolio of work includes sketches, oil paintings, and watercolors. Painting is a way for the singer to unwind from a grueling touring schedule. All work he paints is done under his given name, Anthony Benedetto.

"South of France 1985," by Tony Bennett. Source: Art Brokerage.
“South of France 1985,” by Tony Bennett.
Source: Art Brokerage.

The majority of the singer’s work is inspired by people and encounters he has had in real life. There many famous faces and famous places in his artwork. It was Bennett’s family that encouraged him to pursue both of his gifts early on in his life and they continue to do so.

He has artwork permanently on display in several major locations and continues to work on his painting and his singing careers.

Singer, Tony Bennett with his artwork. Source:
Singer, Tony Bennett with his artwork.

At the age of 90, Tony Bennett shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. After selling over 50-million records worldwide, it looks like he is well on his way to having an equally successful art career as well. Several of his paintings have been sold and there are several others that are available for purchase.

Anyone interested in buying a Tony Bennett painting should know that they don’t sell cheap (some have sold for as much as $80k); like any good piece of art.

The artwork, like the singer himself, is a class act.