Trump Saturday Night Live Feud Continues

From Phil Hartman’s Ronald Reagan to Darrell Hammond’s Bill Clinton, political satire has been a fixture on Saturday Night Live since the show’s beginning. In the era of Donald Trump, however, the playing field is completely different. This whole Trump Saturday Night Live feud has divided watchers across the nation. Is it funny? Or is it slanderous?

Trump Saturday Night Live Feud: Hilarious or Hit Job?

While most politicians brush off the sketches as good-hearted fun, it seems they’ve gotten under the president-elect’s skin. Since the campaign, he has called the show a “hit job” and claimed it’s part of a larger media conspiracy against him.

In response, SNL now seems to doubling down on its portrayal of Trump by Alec Baldwin — with some hilarious results:

The sketch shows Baldwin’s Trump consumed by Twitter during a national security briefing and mocks his real-life retweet of high school student named Seth.

SNL cast member Kate McKinnon, who previously played Hillary Clinton, takes on the role of adviser Kellyanne Conway and says her boss tweets to “to distract the media from his business conflicts and all the very scary people in his cabinet.”

Trump, however, offers a different explanation, saying he does it “because my brain is bad.”

Trump’s Response

Some of have argued that the president-elect needs to learn how to take a joke, or focus his time on preparing to become President. Trump, of course, is not laughing and ironically took to Twitter to condemn the skit:

Baldwin’s Role

Baldwin frequently looks to his own Twitter account to respond to Trump. He said most recently that he would stop the impression if the president-elect would release his tax returns. Many wonder if that’s ever going to happen at all!

If previous seasons of SNL are any indication, the parodies are not going to stop anytime soon. However, it is unclear whether Baldwin will continue in the roll. He has said the weekly commitment to the show is taking a toll on his family.