Facts About Weston Cage, Nicholas Cage’s Son, & Eyes of Noctum Singer

Millions of people around the world have heard of Nicholas Cage. He has appeared in numerous movies and will forever be known for his many roles. But what about his children? Today, we will focus on Nicholas Cage’s son, Weston Cage. Weston, the son of Nicholas Cage and Christina Fulton, did his best to start an acting career using his father’s name, which of course, carries a lot of clout. Recently, Weston Cage was involved in a crazy DUI incident. Hopefully, he recovers from that and re-starts his career.

Weston Cage (Nicholas Cage’s Son) – His Early Life

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As mentioned before, Weston Cage was born to Nicholas Cage and Christina Fulton, on December 26th, 1990. As expected, he wanted to get into acting. At the age of 13, he appeared in his first film alongside his dad, in Lord of War, playing Vladimir. In 2014, he also appeared in Rage, but little more is known about his early life. However, it was revealed that he suffered from “a number of mental, psychological, and physical ailments” throughout his childhood.

Eyes of Noctum and the Personal Trainer Beat-Down

Weston Cage also fronted a heavy metal band, Eyes of Noctum, which formed in 2005. In the band, Weston went by his stage name, Arcane, and was the main vocalist of the band. Eyes of Noctum was known as a symphonic black metal band, often incorporating orchestral arrangements and melodious sounds. The band lasted until 2012, but Nicolas Cage’s son made big news in 2011. And no, it was not his “Wes Cage” music project.

Before reading this, we would like to take the opportunity to say that this is not the right way to approach a diet! Apparently, there was quite a commotion when Weston Cage’s personal trainer nixed the Eyes of Noctum star’s request for a certain (and probably unhealthy) meal choice. Cage went into a rage, and tried to kick his personal trainer. Though onlookers and even the personal trainer himself tried to calm him down, Weston wouldn’t give up. This resulted in a bloody beat-down, resulting in Cage getting punched 13 times in the face. When his father finally arrived, he found his son as a bloody mess in the back of an ambulance. Due to police deeming him a danger to himself and others, he was strapped tightly to a stretcher before being taken to a mental hospital.

Weston Cage’s DUI

Weston Cage DUI Car crash - Camero into Tree by the Eyes of Noctum vocalist Arcane
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That wasn’t the end of his troubles, however, as he was involved in a DUI in February 2017. After getting into a minor accident in San Fernando Valley, Weston Cage became suspicious that the police were coming and decided to flee the scene of the accident as quickly as possible. Bad move. Police caught up to him and Cage’s car crashed into a bunch of mailboxes, a street sign, and a large tree. The front of the car was totaled, and the car even lost a tire. Police subdued him and arrested him on the grass next to the car.

Hopefully, this will be the last of Weston Cage’s troubles, and hopefully, he will be able to get back into the entertainment industry without any more problems.