10 Things NOT to Say to Harry Potter Fans if You Don’t Want to DIE

In general, Harry Potter fans are peaceful creatures. On any given day, you’ll probably find them calmly drinking their butterbeer as they prepare to reread J. K. Rowling’s series for the fifth time.

OK, I lied: they’re not calm – they’re freaking out because – Harry Potter! But as long as they’ve got an HP book safely in hand (and probably a scarf specific to their preferred Hogwarts house), HP fans are pretty chill people.

However, there are one or two things they feel very strongly about. (Like Ron and Hermione being in a relationship, for instance.) Don’t make the fatal mistake of thinking that, just because they spend most of their time happily reading, Potterheads won’t become violent when provoked.

In the interest of public safety (and with no sarcasm whatsoever), we’ve drawn up a little list for your persual. If you’re not safely bestowed within the Harry Potter fandom (what even is a Harry Potter?) here are some things to avoid saying. Unless you have a death wish, that is….

10. “I don’t get why you’re still so obsessed with Harry Potter.”

Crowd for harry potter fans
Source: Flickr

I don’t get why you’re still so stupid. Oh, did I say that out loud? My bad….