Whoopi Goldberg’s Marijuana Start-Up

Actress Whoopi Goldberg recently took an interesting career turn, co-founding a medical marijuana start-up – the “Whoopi & Maya line”. Check out her new line of medical marijuana products designed specifically for women.

whoopi with joint
Goldberg partnered with successful medical marijuana entrepreneur, Maya Elisabeth. They decided to manufacture a series of marijuana infused products for women who suffer from a number of illnesses.
Their medical marijuana brand is available for customers in California who are licensed to buy medical

marijuana products for women. The top products are:

Soak – A medical cannabis and lavender bath soap

Epsom Salts combined with cannabis, Lavender aromatic fragrances, and therapeutic grade essential oils. This combination of natural salts can reduce common mineral deficiencies. The magnesium helps to improve muscle and nerve function while promoting healthy joints and skin. The Cannabis creates deep relaxation and relief from the aches, pains, and cramping associated with menstruation.

Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth
Savor – The Raw Cacao and Cannabis

Cacao can reduce blood pressure, remove plaque on artery walls, and assist with digestion. Mixed with cannabis this raw, organic cacao will also help with inflammation, sleep, irritability, joint pain, uterine cramping and discomfort associated with menstruation, all while providing for a truly beneficial health experience.

Rub – Medical Cannabis Body Balm

Whoopi & Maya’s Medical Cannabis Rub has been specially formulated for menstrual relief. It consists of a healing herbal mix.

Whoopi Relax brand
Relax – THC infused tincture

Tinctures are a way of providing fast relief. Whoopi & Maya’s Medical Cannabis Herbal Tincture is made with a select group of medicinal herbs and superfoods.

As an Afro-American, Whoopi Goldberg’s Marijuana Business represents a move towards equality in this industry. Currently a very low percent of thousands of legal marijuana dispensaries in California are owned by Afro-Americans, which is under-represented in this industry.
This new initiative may seem curious and surprising but it can be an interesting career change for Whoopi whose Hollywood career isn’t as productive as it once was.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Marijuana Business might be a good investment

While Marijuana has a dubious reputation as an outlawed substance and being morally questionable, opening a marijuana dispensary is still considered a good investment. A basic law of economics says, where there are obstacles, there is less competition. It’s difficult to obtain licenses for starting this kind of business as well as getting bank loans. For many people it’s impossible to create an initiative like Whoopi Goldberg’s Marijuana Business.

Who knows, maybe in the next “Sister Act” movie, the nuns will open something like Whoopi Goldberg’s Marijuana Start-up. A wise man once said: “Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake and thine often infirmities.” (1 Timothy 5:23)



Bonus – Whoopi is testing her products