4 Reasons to Stop Watching the News Starting Today

With the internet all around us, it’s easier than ever to get the news today. Watch it online. Stream it through your cable network. You can even get news articles on Twitter and Facebook. It’s good to stay informed of what’s happening in the world, but is the news making you more stressed and depressed? Experts say it could be. If you needed some reasons to stop watching the news, these are it:

It’s Not Always Truthful

Stop watching the news
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President Donald Trump often spouts off his “fake news” rhetoric. As annoying as it may be, there also could be some truth to its fakeness. No, not all news channels lie all the time. Not all journalists are falsifiers. But, does the media report every ounce of truth? Do you always speak the truth? Probably not. It’s easy to leave out important details and it’s not always possible to tell what’s fact or fiction. Things get taken out of context and, before you know it, news stories are turning out like that game of “Telephone” you used to play in elementary school. One news station reports a story, and, at the same time, another news station negates that story. Sometimes, we may just be better off turning off the news instead of trying to figure out who’s right.

It Boasts More Bad Than Good

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You turn on the news only to hear stories about people getting murdered, raped, or robbed. Another mass shooting here. A terrorist attack over there. Corrupt politicians and school officials bending over backwards for a buck. It seems that depressing news is everywhere, but inspiring news comes few and far between. There is good in the world, but you’d never know it by what you see or read in the news. It’s turning everyone into paranoid zombies who are afraid to step foot outside their homes.

It Increases Anxiety

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Speaking of which, research shows that watching too much news can actually be bad for your health. One survey with over 2500 participants showed that one of the biggest stress contributors for Americans was watching or reading the news. When you’re constantly hearing about bad things, you can’t possibly look at the world positively, can you? The news has the power to increase your anxiety, mostly because news channels constantly compete for the biggest, baddest story. Of course, this means that they do it at your expense.

It Hinders Your Ability to Think

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Let’s go back to the point of the media not always being honest. In a way, the media influences the way you think with its tricky headlines and subliminal messages. It’s not supposed to be biased, but there’s usually a certain amount of bias in the news anyway. We saw it frequently after the U.S. presidential election in 2016, where CNN and Fox News were caught being “too liberal” or “too conservative.” If you want to think for yourself, quit watching the news all the time. Keep up-to-date on the newest headlines if you want, but don’t consume yourself in them. The less you stress over what the media says, the more you can think for yourself.