Selling $5 Million Billy The Kid Photo

$5 Million Billy the Kid Photo For Sale On Amazon!

billy the kid plays croquet and leans against a mallet while wearing a cardigan
The cardigan cowboy who has been proven to be Billy The Kid.

You walk into a Fresno junk store and happen to buy a photograph for $2 and it turns out that it is actually a priceless tintype photograph of Billy the kid chilling and playing croquet with the regulators while wearing a cardigan You notice “The Kid” by using a magnifying glass which tells you its valuable beyond your wildest dreams. Now here is the (five) million dollar question: where do you sell it?

If you are Randy Guijarro then the answer is! That’s right! The Billy the Kid photograph that everyone is talking about is now for sale on Amazon for, well, $5 million dollars!

But here’s the thing: you better hurray because there is only 1 in stock! And if you live outside the united states then you are going to have to look for another seller who ships to your country. Damn, I was pretty close to pulling the trigger on this one!

screenshot of and the billy the kid tintype photo they are selling for $5 million
While you are picking up a copy of John Grisham’s new New York Times Bestseller, GRAY MOUNTAIN, perhaps you’d like to add a $5 million photo to your order?

3 Stars for $5 Million “Cardigan Cowboy” Billy The Kid Photo

And buyer beware, because this $5 million photograph of Billy the Kid only has a 3 star rating. Apparently customers have much different views on the quality of this product. Right now there are only two reviews. “book lover” gave the photo a 5 star rating, while “Brian T.” thinks the photo is only deserving of one star.

screenshot of reviews of billy the kid photo
Here is what Amazon reviewers think of a $5 million photo of Billy the Kid.

You will of course be glad to find out that the photograph does qualify for Super Save shipping. I mean that’s something isn’t it?

If you make say $20 an hour it would only take you about 120 years to earn enough to pay for Amazon’s most expensive item. That is if you didn’t spend your money on anything other than that one photograph. But if you want to have a good idea how long 120 years is then think of it like this: the photograph of Billy the Kid in his cardigan is 137 years old.

Want To Add Something To Your Amazon Order?

And if you want to know what other people who bought $5 million photographs on amazon “also bought” well then the answer is: nothing. However Amazon is apparently suggesting that if you are interested in a $5 million photograph then you may also be interested in the errr, Lena Menstrual Cup. No, I’m not kidding:

Lena Menstrual Pad advertisement on thinks you should buy this with your $5 million Billy The Kid Tintype Photo.

If $5 million is out of your photography and home decor budget then you might want to consider buying a “Certified Art Print Of The Billy The Kid Croquet Tintype” for just $99.99. If you can handle having a reproduction, then that’s a cool savings of $4,999,900.01.

And the $99,99 replicas are even $50 cheaper than the “Non-Certified” knockoffs that are already popping up all over the internet!

Buy An Original Billy the Kid Tintype

billy the kid $5 million tintype photograph
The photograph that is selling for $5 million or $99 for a replica.

All joking aside, this photograph of Billy the Kid is a true piece of American history. And the story of how it came to be discovered is amazing!

I’m going to buy an authentic Certified Billy The Kid Croquet Art Print and you should to. But if you do want one then make sure you are getting the real thing! Make sure it comes from and is listed by Kagin’s, Inc. SRH. That means it is a true high quality print from the same people who brought you the single most expensive purchase you can find on Amazon.