How to Blog Consistently

blog consistently
Source: Pixabay

You might have done some research on blogging or even started a blog and are looking for ways to stay consistent and motivated. When you don’t post regularly, you are letting your readers down. Less people will follow you if they can’t rely on regular content. If you are a freelancer, it also looks bad when applying for gigs if your blog hasn’t been updated in a long time.

  1. You’ll have better SEO.
  2. You will become a trusted authority.
  3. You can create more content to share on social media.
  4. You can use new keywords from your research.
  5. New opportunities to expand your brand.

To improve your consistency, trying using a blog planner. Create achievable goals in your planner with actionable steps. Create a content strategy for your posts. Plan what you will share each week, how much content etc. Brainstorm images and how many you will use. Set time frames on multitasking, and consider batching instead. This will ease stress and make your blogging more focused.

blog consistently
Source: Pixabay

Brainstorm new blogging ideas all the time and write them down. Use something like Evernote to keep track of ideas, or jot them down in that planner as well. Draft backup posts. Get images together for the month ahead.

Next, be active on social media. Use Facebook groups but do so appropriately, don’t spam. Share your posts. Be a pro with at least two platforms, but claim your blog name on all of them.

Finally, decide on smaller tasks and finish them. This will build momentum as you blog consistently. You will get things done and this will snowball over time. Make writing a habit. Look at goals and write accordingly. Outline your posts and make headlines. Write for 30 min each day minimum. Write from your core. Do not be distracted by things such as social media.