Blogging Do’s and Don’ts For 2017

Have you thought about starting a blog? There is so much advice out there on what you should and shouldn’t be doing. I thought I would collect some of the best tips and share them with you. Here is some blogging do’s and don’ts. It may seem overwhelming at first but it’s not really and is definitely worth it!


  • Find your focus and your niche. When you try to please everyone you please no one. When someone finds your blog about hedgehogs but they also find a section about gardening it’s not going to make any sense. Stick to hedgehogs.
  • Be yourself. If you try to copy others and don’t stay genuine, people will notice. You need to find your voice in your writing and stick with it.
  • Use links in your posts. It will improve search engine rankings and also provide your readers with helpful, relevant information.
  • Use images. Make your posts easy to skim. People want information quickly. Don’t have a wall of text.
  • Respond to blog comments. You may not get many at first but once you do, respond.
  • Share on all social media channels if possible. You don’t have to have a huge presence on all of them but you should at least secure your blog name for the future.
blogging do's and don'ts
Source: Pixabay


  • Set goals you can’t meet. If you can’t post every day then don’t say that you will. Post once a week if that is all you can do with your current schedule. Two to three times a week is ideal.
  • Write only short posts. Long-form posts that are informative will not only share better but they’ll rank better in search engines.
  • Make grammar mistakes. Use an editor or at the very least a program like Grammarly.  Give your blog a professional quality.
  • Be negative. This is your digital footprint. Be smart about it.