5 Tips for Creating a Winning Cover Letter for Your Next Job

When I had to write my first cover letter, I stared at my computer screen for a good hour not knowing where to start. The cover letter is intimidating. I flew through writing my resume with no problem. When it came to the cover letter, though, I felt lost. It’s personal and can literally make or break a good opportunity. This is the letter where your personality needs to come through to make an impact on prospective employers. These tips will help you do it correctly.

Check the Rules

Making a winning cover letter
Source: PxHere

First and foremost – pay attention to what an employer says to put in the cover letter. Some, in the job description, leave the cover letter relatively open as far as what you should put in it. Others are more informative with what they want in it and how long it should be. Don’t miss out on an awesome opportunity just because you didn’t follow instructions from the get-go.