10 Best Online Colleges for elearning and Online Degrees

10 Best Online Colleges-Your Must Read List

If you think online learning might be right for you then you should consider enrolling in online college. Many people do much better attending an online college or online university rather than slogging their way to campus everyday to earn a degree.

Online learning offers flexibility for those who need to work for a living. This means you can learn at your own pace and make your online education work for you.

These days students can earn a huge array of online degrees. Whether you are considering an MBA, a Bachelor of Science in Mass Media or you even want to earn your doctoral degree online, chances are there is an online university that is right for what you need!

We examined the best online colleges we could find on the internet. We talked to students and we talked to teachers. We even found out which online colleges were best at getting students jobs upon graduation.

Read the entire list of the 10 best online colleges to see what online program will work best for you!

University of Phoenix

10 Best Online Colleges for Online Degrees
Phoenix University

Okay many of us did not do our finest work in high school but that shouldn’t shut us out of higher learning. The University of Phoenix has an open-enrollment admission policy which means all you need is a high school diploma, GED or equivalent in order to be accepted to this online college. So if your math teacher hated you and gave you poor grades then there is still hope!

But the University of Phoenix’s easy admission standards doesn’t mean that the courses are poor value or for people with less skill. Many people don’t thrive academically unitl they get into college and The University of Phoenix gives these people a chance.

Walden University

10 Best Online Colleges for Online Degrees
Walden University logo.

In 1970 a pair of New York teachers named Bernie and Rita Turner discovered a problem: working people didn’t have time to better themselves, go back to school and earn a college degree. So they set out to start a school that would allow hard working people the opportunity to take control of their education while they took care of their working lives.

The first class took place in 1971 and miraculously the first graduating class graduated in 1972. With a history of progressive education like that its no wonder Walden University is now one of the best online colleges.

Liberty University

10 Best Online Colleges for Online Degrees

Here is an amazing fact: Liberty University educates 13,800 students every year on their campus in Lynchburg, Virginia but they educate nearly ten times the amount of students through online programs. This makes Liberty University the largest Evangelical Christian University in the world.

The University was actually founded by Jerry Falwell in 1971. This is why the Liberty University motto is “Training Champions For Christ Since 1971.” If you want to learn from a christian point of view then this is definitely one of the best online colleges you must look at.

Keiser University


Okay, we know we are ranking the best online colleges but hey at some point you may decide that you want to visit the campus. If you are enrolled in Keiser University you may really want to visit the campus over spring break because it is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Fort Lauderdale is of course the historic party town for college students.

But don’t let that fool you. Keiser University is top notch. As one example, Keiser was ranked 2nd nationally for colleges with associate degree programs in “health professions.” Not bad for a University in a town that was so famous for College parties it was nicknamed Fort Liqordale.

South University


South University is located in Savannah, Georgia and was originally called Draughon’s Practical Business College when it was founded back in 1899. How much history is that for South University? Lets put it this way, it was founded the same year Al Capone was born, William McKinley was President and a man named Henry H. Bliss became the first motor vehicle fatality in the US when he stepped off a streetcar in New York City and was hit by a taxicab.

Now jump ahead until today, and yes South University now educates half of its student body via online learning on the internet.

American Intercontinental University


Okay, the American Intercontinental University makes our list by truely embodying what the best online colleges are all about: the amazing feat of teaching from afar. American Intercontinental University was first founded as the American Fashion College of Switzerland in 1970.

A year later in 1971 it became an American degree awarding institution. Now the AIU is a leader in online degree granting programs. With their international history this is of course no surprise. If you are looking for famous alumni then look no further than Porsha Williams, one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Baker University

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Baker Means Business is the tagline for this University so you know that they have a great track record when it comes to turning an online degree program into a great job. Whether you are looking for a Bachelor of Science in Mass Media or a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Baker is an online degree provider that you will want to look at.

Founded by United Methodist ministers in Baldwin City, Kansas Baker University is actually the oldest bricks and mortar University in the State and is now a leader in online learning. That means you could take classes from anywhere, including OZ if they have good wifi. As Dorothy once said: We are not in Kansas anymore.

Grand Canyon University


When you think of the Grand Canyon you may think of hiking through the most beautiful place on Earth but the now you can think of it as a place to earn your doctoral degree online. Sure you can still go to the Grand Canyon but by enrolling in their online program you can take all your classes and earn your online degree anywhere you can plug in a laptop. That’s adventure at its finest!

Northeastern University


This Boston online learning college made our list of best online colleges because of an expectational program they have to teach military students. Northeastern University is a great place for Masters and Bachelors Programs for Military Students.

Many of the best online colleges have programs for military veterans but Northeastern University goes the extra mile. In recognition of those who have served their country this online college is committed to ensuring that military students thrive in their online elearning experience.

They do this by using unique and powerful experiential learning opportunities. If you have served in the military then you will want to check out Northeastern University.

Penn State Online


Now we end with perhaps the oldest distance education University program.  Since 1892 Penn State has been educating people who couldn’t make it to a classroom. Called The Penn State World Campus is about right because you can study here from anywhere in the world.

But best of all you are getting a top notch degree from the Pennsylvania State University. Diplomas and transcripts earned through online courses are identical to those earned by the Penn State students who study on campus. This makes Penn State Online one of the best online colleges. Check them out now!