How to Start Identifying Your 2018 Career Goals Now

The finish line is in your sights.  Whether you’ve had a crap year or you’ve spent the last 11 months crushing it, 2017 is almost over.  If you’re like most people, you want next year to be better, and you’re planning kick things off strong on January 2.  However, if you truly want to succeed, that preparation starts now.  It’s time to identify your 2018 career goals and get the ball rolling immediately.

Honest Assessment

2018 career goals
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

What did you achieve this year?  Was there a huge project that you took the lead on?  Was there a killer presentation that your co-workers are still talking about?  Think about where you excelled, but also be honest about your opportunities.  You need a baseline to understand where you’ll focus in the next year.