How to Join Office Holiday Festivities When You Work Remotely

When you’re a remote worker, it’s easy to feel left out. Sure, you have the excellence of your own company. But what about Christmas time when the whole fun of an office job is joining in the office holiday festivities? Working remotely is great, but it can become lonely. Still, just because you don’t work in the on-site office doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be included in the office fun. Here’s what to do to get a little more joy into your holiday season.

Do a Holiday Gift Exchange

holiday office gift exchange

If you can’t make it to the on-site party, you can always suggest a gift exchange. A Secret Santa-type exchange can be fun. Order a gift online to ship directly to your recipient so that, even as a remote worker, you can stay connected with your co-workers over the holiday.

If your company has several remote workers in your area, you might even consider doing a smaller gift exchange between you.