10 Reasons To Attend Online College

Do you remember that recurring dream we all had in high school? You know, the one where you are supposed to be listening to a teacher drone on about the Gettysburg Address or algebra but instead you are imagining yourself still in bed in your pajamas, being home schooled so you never had to wake up for class again?

Here’s the good news: if you are thinking about getting an Online College degree then that dream of learning from home is now a reality! You can now be that lucky kid who gets to be home schooled.

Online college is here and expanding at a massive rate. You see the ads for online degrees all the time! From University of Phoenix, to Baker University, to Liberty University, ads for online college are popping up more regularly than Viagra ads in your grandpa’s Facebook feed.

But here’s a question: should we click on those University online college ads to make ourselves better people? Or should we instead click on over to Vimeo or Youtube to watch some more cute kitten videos?

Well we love a good cute kitten video but just in case you want to get out of your parent’s basement and make something of yourself then here are 10 reasons why you should consider enrolling in an online college.

Never Turn Up to Class Without Your Homework

If your like me, the thought of going back to school is terrifying. I still have nightmares where I’m sitting in class and a teacher who will remain nameless, Mrs Demming at Lincoln School, is berating me for not having my homework done. How could I want to go back to that?

The good news is that if you enroll in an online college you don’t have to worry about turning up to class without your homework. In fact when it comes to online college you don’t have to worry about turning up to class at all. You set your own pace and complete assignments when you choose!

It’s Clinically Proven That People Learn More in Pajamas

That’s right I said people learn more in their pajamas. You can go to online college and get an online degree in your pajamas. And not just pajamas, slippers too. Or can go to online college naked. Or you can go to online college sitting on your kitchen floor eating peanut butter right out of the jar. The sky is the limit when it comes to where you want to learn. To go to online college all you need is a computer and an internet connection and you are going to College.

Your Not Ready To Join the Cast Of Old School

Okay Vince Vaughn, Will Farrel, Jeremy Piven and Luke Wilson may have had a blast in Old School but that doesn’t mean you are ready to move into a Frat House and start chugging beer right from the keg. Online College offers a great way for mature students to get the schooling they need without having to negotiate the full college experience.

Sure Old School wouldn’t have been as funny if Will Ferrel and Vince Vaughn just met in chat rooms and Skyped a bit. But when it comes to efficiency, online college beats joining a fraternity when you are over the age of forty.

Save Money!

Oh, online college, how much do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Lower tuition, no relocation costs, no commuting costs and cheaper electronic text books! Yup, I love you online college because you save me money!

That’s right, going to online college means you can save money and have a more flexible work schedule to take care of business and take care of your education. With so many benefits to online college employers are going to see the benefit to this rapidly expanding trend. Who would you want to hire for your new company? Someone who graduated in half the time and at half the cost because they chose a fast pace at an online college or someone who paid double and got lots of time to party it up with their friends?

You Have A Better Chance Of Graduating

Hey, you aren’t enrolling in college to throw money away and that’s what many people do who start a regular College degree but don’t finish. The best online colleges have as much as half the dropout rate as regular college student bodies. That should tell you something right there! Online college retains more students because it works better for their lifestyle. That means your success rate in an online college is even better.

Online Colleges Are Better For The Environment

Here is one benefit to online college that you may not have thought about! But it is true! Earning your online college degree is more environmentally efficient than going to regular college. Go on and add it up: flights back and forth to college, commuting in a car from your home to your classes everyday and using real books rather than electronic books.

Enrolling in online college might just be the wave of the future! It can help you go easier on the planet!

You Won’t Have To Sit Next to “That Guy”

We all know him. He’s the guy who won’t shut up. When the professor says, does anyone have anymore question, and you are packing your things to go, he asks the stupidest question you can imagine just to hear himself talk. Nope, you don’t have to sit and listen to guys or girls like him when you enroll in an online college.

An online college lets you not only learn the way you want to learn but it lets you learn with the people who can help you most. Not the people who annoy you most.

Set Your Own Time Frame

So you go to regular College and in your first year course there are 150 people in an auditorium and the professor gives you all the same deadlines. How can that be convenient? The truth is that it isn’t convenient and adhering to inflexible timelines is one of the leading causes of people dropping out.

Some of us have to work our way through school. Some of us have a cat who dies unexpectedly one Tuesday. Some of us might be in a hurry to graduate and want to work double time.

We can’t always be expected to match our lives with 150 random people who happened to sign up for the same course we did. The good news is that when you enroll in online college you get to work at the pace that is right for you. And that can mean faster or slower which almost always means better, depending on your life circumstances.

Get More One On One Time With Professors

Here is a surprising one! Going to online college might just be a more personal experience than actually going to a physical college. Have you ever been to a large lecture at a big University? How did you feel? Like a person or like a number?

The truth is that when professors meet with large masses of students at one time they can’t possibly give them the personal attention they deserve. By enrolling in an online college you can actually increase one on one time with your teachers.

Be More Successful In Age of the Internet

Whether you are working towards an MBA, a doctorate in philosophy, or a certificate in information technology, you should think about what your employer will want in a new recruit. For many employers a tech savvy recruit has a leg up against other candidates. So earning an online degree from one of the best online colleges sends a clear message: you are on the top of the technology curve.