PepsiCo Wants Americans to be Healthy, Americans Disagree

More and more people are starting to realize how negative a high sugar and salt diet can be on the body. What they don’t realize though is how many healthier options there are out there compared to their typical chips and soda. For those that do know the healthier options, their preferences for the salty snacks is well known. PepsiCo recently has made this extremely clear.

PepsiCo has Healthier Alternatives

In response to consumers who do want healthier options, the company has said that they have released new, healthier alternatives to our traditional snacks. These include Sabra hummus, Naked Juices, and Quaker oats. All of these products come in a wide variety of options that can satisfy almost any craving. Any except for potato chips of course.

Quaker oatmeal comes in single serve packets with different flavors and are available in the original cylinder canisters that remind us of our childhood. The Naked Juices that can be found at gas stations and college campuses across the nation are all made from real fruit with no added sugars. If you haven’t tried them, they’re amazing and you really should give one a chance. As for Sabra, hummus and guacamole lovers can rejoice in this little creation. Besides offering chick peas and avocados served right, they also offer greek yogurt-based dips which are a better alternative compared to some other fatty options that can be found at the store.

PepsiCo made an appeal to your Pumpkin Spice, healthy side.
Source: Flickr

The Sad Truth About Them

While these products are all a great step in a better direction in regards to health, PepsiCo has said that consumers are making the transition to a healthier brand difficult. Instead of going for the healthy options, the classics are preferred. The same can be said for the Sabra, Naked Juices, and Quaker oats like products. Instead of picking up something with less salt, Doritos and Cheetos remain high on their money-making products list.

The company has even tried to released organic Gatorade. This Gatorade was made with salt that could provide the same flavor as the original Gatorade but with less sodium. On top  of that, it even created less waste. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this option at the store.

None of these attempts though have created change though. When the company compares the figures of the products that are being sold, the salty, fatty, carb-y products are their top sellers.

It seems that no matter how many New Year resolutions or diet pledges that we make, at the end of the day, we still love our chips. No matter how much PepsiCo wants to make us more healthy, its a personal option that everyone is going to have to make for themselves.