How to Plot Career Success for the New Year

Most of us start off the New Year with a renewed focus and sense of purpose.  While fitness and nutrition are at the top of most lists, career success tops yours.  This is the year you’ll snag that elusive promotion.  Or maybe this will be the year you land your dream job.  Or perhaps you’re planning to switch careers altogether.  Whatever your professional goals are, you need a roadmap to reach them.  Sadly, you can’t just wing it.  There are a few simple strategies that can boost your momentum.

Make an assessment

laptop career success
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

You can’t move forward without understanding where you are.  Take stock of your skills, prior achievements, and even your opportunities for growth.  What are your greatest strengths?  Biggest weaknesses?  Be honest.  Those strengths will help you figure out what’s next.  And the weaknesses?  They’ll steer your research and learning experiences throughout the year.