How to Survive the Office Christmas Party

The office Christmas party often serves as the one night where bad behavior is acceptable.  If you get a little drunk in front of your vice president, who cares, right?  Wrong.  What you see in the movies and what transpires in real life are two very different things.  Sure, there’s an open bar and everyone is a bit more relaxed.  But it’s still work, and work rules apply.  Even after your third glass of wine.  Take heed so that you still have a job when you return to work on Monday morning.

Stay sober

office Christmas party coffee toast
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Don’t overdo it.  It can be tempting to overindulge.  The relaxed atmosphere seems like a personal invite to live it up.  However, if you get sloppy drunk, you could seriously harm your reputation.  Instead, keep yourself hydrated all day and stick to a two-drink minimum. Remember, it’s a work party. Remember that the first word is work.