What to do When You Hate Your Job

It’s no secret that a lot of people don’t like their job. For whatever reason, you are stuck there and feel you can’t leave. Sometimes the pay is good but you just hate it. So how do you survive when you hate your job?

Stay engaged. Evaluate why you hate it so much and determine what it is that bothers you. Consider trying for a promotion or even a lateral move. Research what it might take to change careers. Don’t become indifferent and end up wasting possibly years of your life.

Don’t procrastinate and waste time. Get your work done. If you aren’t getting your daily work done it will only make the struggle worse. Remind yourself why you entered this industry and got started with this employer to begin with.

hate your job
Source: Pixabay

Change your attitude. Consider taking a time out to meditate. Maybe if you can, take a short nap on your break. Write down what’s bothering you about your day and get it out of your system. Don’t dwell and shake it off, just like Taylor Swift.

Be ready to leave. Start saving money now. Do not wait. If you want to try freelancing, try to get six months saved. Start networking in the industry you plan to move to. Don’t attempt to get fired or laid off. This will hurt you in the end and look bad on your resume. Do not upgrade your life with every raise. That is just keeping you in this job that you want to get out of longer.

Be grateful. Send thank you notes and donate to charity if you can. Perform acts of kindness. Feel validated. A job you hate might take this from you, don’t let it.

You may hate your job, but you can get through it. Stuck in a dead end is no way to live. Start plotting your escape. You will thank yourself later.