CIA Science Proves “Cardigan Cowboy” is Billy the Kid

WATCH THE VIDEO: How CIA Science found out that “Cardigan Cowboy” is Billy the Kid!

Want to have science blow your mind? Consider this: the same CIA facial recognition science used to confirm the death of 911 mass-muderer and terrorist Osama Bin Laden has now been used to authentic a 137 year old Billy the Kid Photograph worth millions!

National Geographic Chanel’s latest documentary Billy The Kid: New Evidence proves once and for all that we do live in technologically exceptional times. After scientists and numismatists (expert collectors) authenticated the priceless Billy the Kid Photograph it went from having a junk sale value of $2 to being worth an estimated $5 million dollars.

The slightly beaten up photograph with a hole in it could actually go for many more millions when it is finally sold by the collectors firm Kagin’s, who were also the company that authenticated the photograph. You’ll understand the hype over this photograph after you watch the Nat Geo documentary that weaves together a number of amazing stories.