Cheap Storage Units: Is StorageMart Safe?

StorageMart Cheap Personal Storage

If you are looking for a cheap storage solution you may have clicked on one of the many StorageMart ads running recently that offer to help you find personal storage lockers near you. Sounds good right? You need a storage unit to store your Nintendo, years worth of old Christmas Cards, books you’ll never read, a futon you haven’t slept on in 20 years and well all the crap you are too afraid to throw away.

Hey we get it. But personal storage units are sometimes used for storing valuables otherwise Dave Hester never would have been in business and we wouldn’t have anymore new episodes of Storage Wars!

Dave Hester of Storage Wars.
Dave Hester of Storage Wars.

If you have seen Storage Wars then you know the drill: don’t pay your bill after 3 months in California then your stuff is going to auction and that’s where Dave Hester, Jarrod Schulz, Brandi Passante, Ivy Calvin and crew get to bid on your stuff like it might be enough to keep them out of bankruptcy.

Can You Trust StorageMart?

Now here is the question we might want to ask next: are Personal Storage Units Safe? Can you leave your valuables in a locker at StorageMart and expect to find them when you come back? After all you would hope that if you pay your bills to keep them out of the hands of the likes of Dave Hester, then you are free to take out what you put in. But this is unfortunately not the case.

Camera Footage of Thieves Smashing a Camera. Is Your Stuff Safe?
Camera Footage of Thieves Smashing a Camera. Is Your Stuff Safe?

In August of 2013 Saul Zachs decided to store 10 Coffee vending machines in a StorageMart personal unit. Zachs got a call from StorageMart saying that his lock was broken. When he arrived on the scene sure enough he discovered that all ten of the coffee machines were gone.

Zach’s was drawn to StorageMart because the promotional materials assured him that security was their top priority but when he asked to view the video footage to catch the thief, he was told that the cameras were not filming.

So what does top security look like? Well I suppose its different for everyone but the CEO if StorageMart, Mike Burnam, weighed in on this one and said, “This particular thief seemed to know exactly where the cameras were and was smart enough to go through and keep himself hidden.”

Thinking he was defending himself even further Burnam said “The person has done this before; at least that’s what the police are telling us.”

Hmm, a couple questions for the CEO: if the thief has done this before and you are in the security business then why wouldn’t you have enough cameras to protect your customers belongings? Why wouldn’t you stop the thief after he successfully stole from you or other storage companies in the area?

In the city of Concord, California StorageMart robberies have taken an even bizarre turn. It has been reported that a customer at the Clayton Road (near Ayers) had his lock busted off his personal storage unit but that the thief’s replaced it with their own lock.

It seems that thieves were stealing so much from customers at the self-serve locker location that they figured their best strategy was to spend money on new locks so it looked like no one had broken in. That way the thieves could come back the next night to steal even more and just slap another lock on those lockers as well.

Complaints to StorageMart fell on deaf ears and the people who lost their stuff are pretty much out of luck. Burnam says that StorageMart has been targeted several times by thieves. But people like Mr. Zachs have still lost their stuff.

Police officers recommend that people seeking personal storage look for companies that offer insurance, have 24-hour security and LOTS OF CAMERAS!

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